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Guidance on Improving and maintaining your shopfront in Peckham town centre

Peckham town centre is in the Rye Lane Conservation Area, which means Southwark Council needs to ensure that any plans to change shopfronts follow the law that protects the conservation area.

There are Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco era buildings in the Rye Lane Conservation Area. It is Southwark Council’s role to ensure that the character and appearance of each architectural style is preserved and enhanced when changes to shopfronts are proposed.

Each architectural style requires a tailored approach and proposed changes to the shopfront and front of a building need to be reviewed by Design and Conservation planning officials before works start. This includes altering existing shopfronts or installing new shopfronts and signage and lighting.

Whatever the age of the building and nature of the business there are some national recognised standards and controls which help achieve the best results for both individual businesses and the character of shopping areas.

Thinking about improving your shopfront in Peckham? There’s some helpful and straightforward guidance in this leaflet: Shopfronts Improvements (.pdf)

Need advice on maintaining and caring for your shopfront? See this leaflet for guidance: Shopfront Maintenance (.pdf)