What is the application process?

Julie Mallett, Peckham THI Project Manager

Peckham THI Projects

Step 1

Freeholders and leaseholders meet the Peckham THI Project Manager, to discuss the kind of works that were identified when the Repairs Proposals were developed by the Regeneration Practice. You will also be given an indication of the total costs involved, the likely contribution you will be required to make towards the works and a draft legal agreement which specifies the terms of the funding contribution.

Step 2

If the freeholder and leaseholder(s) agree to proceed, the architect and design team, who have been appointed by Southwark Council, begin detailed technical surveys of your building and discuss proposed works with you so that a clear scheme of work and accurate cost estimates can be made.

A full step-by-step guide is included in the Detailed Guidance for Freeholders and Leaseholders [pdf 1.1Mb].