Peckham Heritage Regeneration Partnership

The Peckham Heritage Regeneration Partnership is made up of local people, community organisations, council officers and elected councillors who meet four times a year to contribute to the successful delivery of the Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI).

The Partnership is made up of people who are passionate about Peckham – its past, present and future: there are architects, planners, community activists, historians, conservation specialists, artists and local businesses around the table.

The role of the Partnership is to:

– Review progress of the capital restoration and repair projects;
– agree how to spend the community budget and celebrate Peckham’s heritage; and
– support the implementation of the Rye Lane Peckham Conservation Area.

Claire Hegarty – Chair

The partnership has an independent Chair, Claire Hegarty, who brings to the partnership here her love of urban settings and her experience of running an architecture practice in North London. Claire has been working with historic buildings for over twenty years.

‘Coming to Peckham from a different part of London and reading and looking at the work that has been going on in Peckham, what strikes me is the incredible energy and commitment to the THI project and the work done by local people.

I’m looking forward to this amazing opportunity to work with local people who have such a body of knowledge about Peckham and its history, but it will also be a challenge. London is experiencing great change, which in many cases is positive, but this project is also about creating continuity and keeping that sense of place and history.

Neighbourhoods like Peckham are distinctive to London, with layers of memories and stories that we want to protect and I am very much looking forward to working with the council and local people to do that.’